Lindsey Norton, the owner of the first premier Blow Dry Bar in the Midwest, shares her secrets on how to achieve the perfect blowout.

Lindsey has had over 10 years experience in perfecting her blowouts and hair styling. Lindsey says that "Being able to perform a proper  blowout to every one of my clients is the foundation of my career and has made me an invaluable stylist."

In this masterclass Lindsey will teach you everything she knows about how to do the perfect blowout. This is a class for stylists, cosmetology students, and anyone looking to up there blowout game! You do not need to be a licensed stylist to take this class. 

Class Price- $90

This masterclass will teach you techniques on how to do the following:

-Shampoo techniques to keep your clients coming back
-How to perfect a blowout on any hair texture; unmanageable and textured hair with just your round brush and blow dryer
-Give volume and fullness to fine thinning hair
-Achieve curl with your round brush

-How to do a blowout in an hour or less

For established hairstylists and cosmetology students this masterclass will instantly add more value to your hair services.

What you need to bring to class:  a model, 5 clips, a blow dryer, and round brushes.

Bang can provide brushes and a blow dryer at additional cost.

To sign up and for more information and details on the blowout lesson plan please email